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Patrick Mueller

Patrick is a Senior Node Engineer at NodeSource. He works on products that help shine light into the dark corners of the node.js runtime. Before that, Patrick worked at IBM for 30 years on a diverse set of technologies: from mainframe to desktop to mobile systems, development tooling for Smalltalk, Java and JavaScript, and interludes in text editors, distributed systems, graphics libraries, natural language processing, and of course, "the cloud".

2014 - connect.js - "node.js on a paas"
2013 - GOTO Nights - "debugging mobile web apps"
2012 - Mobile JavaScript Summit - "debugging mobile web apps"
2012 - PhoneGap Day EU - "debugging cordova apps"
2011 - OSCON - "Debugging Mobile Web Applications with weinre"
1997 - Smalltalk Solutions - "Interfacing Smalltalk Systems to the Web"

more at http://muellerware.org/resume